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Laurie, You’d Be Proud of Me



Laurie, You’d Be Proud of Me

Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m questioning everything around me.
Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m laughing more and sleeping less.
Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m petting your dogs, sleeping in your house, drinking
Your wine and taking your pills and
I’m not even sorry.
Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m pulling the corporate band-aid off my soul
Nice and slow (because in pain there is art, right?)
Laurie, you’d be so proud of me,
I’m abusing my lunch breaks and
Writing poetry during conference calls.
Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m cursing and hating more and more
Of what was never meant to bring joy.
Laurie, you’d be proud of me,
I’m playing your guitar with my fingers and
Ignoring the phone.
Laurie, you’d be so proud of me,
I haven’t changed one magnet on the fridge
Since you slipped into the great wide open.
Laurie, I feel like we are becoming better friend’s everyday.

By Brett Staggs



Defecter to Print



I’ve never understood why my
Grandfather changed his last name.
Speculation and rumors float around
My family to this day;
Was he in the witness relocation program?
Was he ashamed of being Jewish?
Was his family’s Savings and Loan a
Sinking and shameful venture?
I like to imagine he awoke one day,
And while looking out the window across a
Frost-bitten Illinois field,
The idea of a different last name
Caused a great peace to wash over him,
A feeling of honorable defection.
And as he finished his coffee and
Woke up my grandmother by saying,
“Good morning Mrs. Howard.”
She would look at him
Pleasantly confused.

By Brett Staggs


What The Doctors Will Never Tell Him



What the Doctors Wont for print


What the doctors will never tell him

What the doctors will never tell him
Is that the only medicine for his depression is his work.
They hand out scripts like flyers for pizza delivery,
They up his dosage, and then they bring his dosage down,
They change his medicine depending on which pharmaceutical rep
Takes them to the nicest titty bar.
But it’s his work that brings him back to planet earth,
Down from the blackholes in space,
It’s his work that gives him energy, relieves the pain,
Provides him with opinions and stature,
Respect and demand.
Oddly enough it’s his work that allows him to
Rise above the pitfalls of his medicine.
What the doctors will never tell him
Is that they are lost,
They won’t understand sadness by reading their medical journals,
They can’t hear desperation in their stethoscope,
They haven’t solved the error found in the soul of a lost man by
Polluting his blood with abbreviations and
Dogs playing in bright green fields.
What the doctors will never tell him
Is that they will never tell him
That doctors can never know where depression comes from and
Where it goes.
And at night when he truly believes his god hates him and
Has abandoned him,
It’s the people he has helped that keep him from…
It’s the people he will help that keep him from…
It’s his work that keeps him from…
You know.

By Brett Staggs




Fjord Poem for Print


I dreamt I was swimming in the ocean next to a train track on a fjord, and a train was going by, showering ashes as it rolled past.

By Brett Staggs



EcoCultures is an exhibition bringing together current cultural
productions at the intersections of the arts, sciences and the
practice of everyday life to explore the interdependence of our
social and biological systems.

Mason Hall Atrium Gallery | George Mason University, Fairfax VA
September 22 - October 6, 2011

Public Reception - September 22, 6:30 - 8:00pm

Featuring the work of:
Amy BalkinSarah Kanouse & Shiloh KruparThe Yes Men

Beatriz da Costa

Temporary Travel Office

The Futurefarmers

Beehive Design CollectiveJens Jarisch & Sharon DavisKim Stringfellow

Matthew Friday & Jeff Lovett

& Curated by Mark Cooley

With generous support from:

George Mason University (GMU) School of Art

GMU Office of the Provost

GMU Center for Field Studies

GMU Cultural Studies

Marielle Barrow & GMU Media, Arts and Culture Organization

Sean Watkins

Justin Raphael Roykovich

Solomon Wondimu

Shanna Carvell


BLACK SEAM Exhibition

BLACK SEAM Exhibition Brochure


BLACK SEAM Exhibition and Opening Reception

Please join me for the opening reception of my master of fine arts thesis exhibition, BLACK SEAM.


Reception: Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 7 - 9 pm
Exhibition: May 10th through May 20th, 2011
Location: Trisolini Gallery, Athens Ohio.
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm
Thursdays 10 am - 8 pm

Celebration and refreshments will be provided. 

Jeff Lovett




I have published a book called BLACK SEAM Sedimentation, extraction, riches, and devastation in the coal fields of Appalachia.

This book was developed in conjunction with my ongoing body of research and is currently on sale at Lulu publishing (see below). It will also be for sale at my upcoming exhibition by the same name.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and check out the preview below.


Infrared Ohio University Powerplant

Infrared Ohio University Powerplant from Jeff Lovett on Vimeo.


The Crude and the Rare Exhibition Photos

Last Tuesday The Crude and the Rare opened at The Cooper Union in New York. The majority of the following photos are from the exhibition a few hours before the opening a few were taken during the opening.


For a more detailed look at the images, see: